Rising Times

Rising Times
All the Way

Ever wondered what Black Rebel Motorcycle Club would sound like if Liam Gallagher decided to join them on vocals? Listening to this one-track demo, Rising Times have taken the challenge to answer this themselves by taking elements of both BRMC and Oasis and melding them into something that wouldn’t sound out of place in the Top 40.

Starting out with a simple bass riff and staccato drums, the introduction of guitars and a wonderfully laid-back northern vocal certainly hint at the influences listed above. The song has a timeless rock sound and builds up through an dreamily over-driven chorus to showcase a band who keep it simple and effective – there’s no filler or flab here.

Rising Times have been playing regularly around London and following a UK tour this year have travelled as far as China, playing a show in front of 27, 000 people. As our budget doesn’t quite stretch that far for expenses, hopefully they’ll play on the South Coast soon.

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