The Mexicolas

The Mexicolas
Song 101

Birmingham band, The Mexicolas, are a three piece with elements of the radio-friendly rock sounds of the Foo Fighters, the creative rhythms of The Police, and the melodic style of David Bowie.

That’s not a bad list for starters, but don’t try to put those references together in your head, because The Mexicolas aren’t in the regurgitation business! With an inspired brit-pop style intro, with bass and guitars heading off in opposite directions, ‘Song 101’ sees a huge dollop of creativity with only small and occasional hints of their influences. A massive chorus with jet-plane guitars and strong harmonies is the accomplished peak, bringing things together after the unusual verse.

The following track, ‘Darko’, is another individual sounding tune with a higher creative-ideas-count than a marketing department (and trust me – I’ve seen more branded-crap pass through the doors of my other job than you can imagine; ‘is that a foam caricature of Jesus? Let’s put our logo on it!’)

‘Easy Smile’ completes the triplet of classy songs with a nifty riff and strong vocal. The drums shift through the gears nicely with a whole set of bright ideas and unexpected changes.

What we have on our hands here is a combination of something really appealing, yet unpredictable and creative at the same time. And that’s got to be a winner!

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