Chaser - Best Seat in the House

Best Seat in the House

Fortunately for Chaser this CD had managed to find its way to the darkest depths of the editor’s grotto and was not reviewed before the 8 track was released in February and they toured in the summer.

It is absolutely appallingly made and is pretty much unlistenable (I’d hate to have been sat anywhere else if this was the best seat in the house). I apologise to the band as it seems at times like they could be making pretty decent music if you could actually listen to it.

The best way to describe it would be that somebody recorded this by placing a dictaphone by the speaker when the band were playing, then put it onto a PC using the onboard sound card and a microphone pointed in the general direction of the dictaphone’s built in speaker, then, once recorded converted into the lowest quality MP3 in order to try and fit all eight tracks onto an 8mb memory stick or something. Having removed all of the dynamics from the music and compressed everything so that, as you add more layers and instruments you actually make the rest quieter and all of it more muddled together and less listenable, you then decide to convert it to a normal CD to send out to people.

The worst thing is that, at times, the music sounds like it is actually quite good (I’m giving them a 2/10 for the possibility) if you could hear it through the digital noise and over-compressed muddiness.

Lads, if I get the chance to see you live where your sound cannot be destroyed by post production I will do so and will review the music – if you send through a decent CD I will happily review that too, but the recording/production quality of this one has really let you down.

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