If a band’s going to call itself Letdown they have to be pretty certain they can deliver the goods or possess a grand sense of irony. So thank goodness Letdown are not aptly named – as this demo amply demonstrates. Let’s not rule out the possible possession of irony either, as their lyrics are rather good – they definitely sound great with all those lovely guitar melodies swishing around them.

Radiohead are cited as an influence and comparisons could be made, especially on opening track ‘Solitude’, but actually they sound like they could be stable mates with Cooper Temple Clause (last album, not the new one) with their orchestral sweep of soul searching rock’n’roll. Singer Christian Dietz can sure hold a tune, his pipes are in full working order. When he gets all dreamy on the vocals a tasty double-time drum beat keeps the pace up nicely.

Second track ‘Out Cold’ has a more broody crashing sound, which sparks up memories of The Doves.

Letdown has a sound for a bigger venue than the local boozer and they deserve a chance to prove it. This demo could lead the way…

Guest article from Hayley C.

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