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Candi Carpenter began in the world of country before blowing us away with their collaboration with Josh Doyle in Church of Roswell.

Out of nowhere, in 2023 Candi released a string of incredible singles that signalled a change of direction, with incredible pop songs with autobiographical lyrics. The songs are masterpieces of deep songwriting, but they are also damn hooky tunes.

Candi was born in Ohio and raised in Michigan. Recent songs have shared stories of growing up, leaving Christianity, and loving horror.

I grew up in a conservative Christian home where certain types of movies, books, and music were off-limits. My family didn’t know about the stash of gothic horror novels hidden in my bedroom, and they certainly weren’t aware of my secret boyfriend. I didn’t know anything about sex or love, but I did know a lot about vampires.

It’s thanks to these themes we have Demonology, Part I, an EP of six songs intended to banish some of the trauma. There’s also the suggestion an album may be on its way…

I recorded an album. It’s coming out. I’m scared to death for you to finally meet the real me. Some people say I’m a lot. Some people have said I’m not enough. I say, “Oh yeah? That’s not very nice,” and then I write a song about them.

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