Corrected Version of Previous Pump EP

Ipswich based Hayze have rather cleverly given their EP the kind of title that makes any self-respecting writer think a fair bit before putting pen to paper. However, putting the uneasy feeling that that the title should just be ‘Pump’ and that we should now discard any prior copies, I pop the disc in to the CD player, taking care that it’s the right way up and doesn’t get scratched on it’s way in.

Instantly the summery pop of electro-acoustic rhythm and just slightly crunchy guitars pours from the speakers with clearly enunciated vocals and simple root-note bass. This is unashamedly Britpop in nature with a bias towards the less bouncy bands in the cannon.

The track on offer is ‘Changing Minds’, but the style is pretty consistent throughout the second track with ‘Pulling Us Down’ simply adding a slightly quirky edge to the sound.

‘Blue Star’ is a better song than the opening two with a hint of Levellers in the track that pulls it out of the Britpop sound for occasional moments, showing that there is something else going on with this band. However, it’s not until the final track ‘Think About It’ that we get an idea of what is really on offer here. This is the stand-out track, with a more mature sound and a great vocal melody in the chorus.

Hayze have got two tracks at the tail end of this disc that defy the monotony of the two starters. The difference between them is vast, the lyrics in ‘Changing Minds’ and ‘Pulling Us Down’ are just too darn cliché and the songs sound a bit too much like a retro version of Travis.

If the whole disk lived up to the last track it would be incredible… think about it!

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