Hall of Fame

The world has no mechanism with which to judge subjective brilliance. Fickle popularity and corporate sales figures are poor judges of what’s really heart-and-soul good. Our Phonotonal Hall of Fame is a bit different. It’s for stuff that didn’t get the widespread attention it deserved. There is some utterly brilliant music out there that made rabid fans of all that heard it, but the lucky break just never happened.

We are working on assembling our hall of fame quietly in a corner. It takes a bit of work to do this because we don’t want to be a big tease about how amazing something is without being able to let you hear at least some of it. For some of the older bands and artists, this means trying to find music in myriad strange formats and getting it somewhere you can hear it.

Hall of Fame Entries

2022Brussel SpaceshipOn the thirty-year anniversary of their last album, Brussel Spaceship enter our Hall of Fame.
The Phonotonal Hall of Fame

Our Hall of Fame lets us acknowledge creators who had a great impact outside of conventional success factors. The people who inspire the next generation of the creative industry.

Imagine an industry where art was not subjected to commercial measurements. Is music only good if a million copies are sold? Should you burn a book that touches your soul if the critics pan it? Art can be about large-scale connections, or about small and fundamental ones.