Privacy Policy

This privacy policy isn’t a big corporate legal page. It’s just designed to tell you what we’re doing that might be of interest to you in respect of your data and privacy. We don’t collect any data about you ourselves when you visit the website and we’re not advertising to you or sharing your data with anyone who does.

We do use some third-party stuff on the website, like Bandcamp widgets and YouTube videos, and we do collect anonymised website analytics as we’re interested to know what people look at and if you ever come back to visit again, which tells us you like us.

We are Phonotonal, and you’ll find us a

We use a few tools to help us run our website…

  1. WordPress – we use WordPress, with plugins, firewalls, and proxy servers for security and spam prevention. These tools may store cookies in the course of providing the essential security services that keep us safe.
  2. Bandcamp – we often embed a Bandcamp widget so you can listen to music. This is a third party service and they may collect data about what you do with their widget and if you visit their website.
  3. YouTube – we try to embed YouTube videos in privacy enhanced mode, but this is a third party service and they may collect data as part of this service.
  4. Other audio/video widgets – we might use alternative widgets from time to time, which will work largely the same as Bandcamp and YouTube.
  5. Google Analytics – we have configured Google Analytics with enhanced privacy, as we’re not interested in collecting information about you, we just want to know what content is popular and whether visitors return once they’ve found us.

You can contact these third parties via their privacy policy page if you need to query what data they hold, or want to exercise your data privacy rights.