Years of Noise

Our humble footer talks about our decades of writing. When it was first added in 2022 it read “21 years of noise”, but now we also show a number of different quotes about writing, music, and subculture.

Here’s a bit of background on some of the quotes you might find.

Philosophical Drivel

Referring to writing for NME, Chrissie Hynde described her work as ‘half-baked philosophical drivel and nonsensical tirades’. This and more can be found in her memoir: ‘Reckless’ by Chrissie Hynde.

Acts of Faith in the Future

Ann Curry, NBC correspondent, said that: ‘Journalism is an act of faith in the future.’


John Lydon once said ‘I love discordancy. It makes people ill at ease and wakes up a part of their brain that’s normally asleep.’


We’re glad you had the curiosity to find out about our little footer. We’re pretty pleased to have some history, as most small magazines are lucky to last five years. Usually, ad funding can’t sustain the costs. This is even more acute for us, in a way, because we don’t run ads. We’re self-funded and do this for the love of music and books.