Bushbaby – Hall of Fame

Bushbaby were a post-grunge / alternative rock band active between 1997 and 2004. They had a stable line-up throughout their performing and recording career. They released a critically acclaimed EP, a full-length album, and a string of singles and demos that showcased their musicianship and songwriting.


Try to contain yourselves, Bushbaby were never allowed more than two t-shirts.


Bushbaby formed in 1997 (see history below), announcing their presence with a stunning EP. They quickly gained recognition, with Metal Hammer awarding them a demo of the month slot (September 2001), Total Radio’s making them band of the week, BCB radio making them single of the month for ‘Tinsel Town’, and Storm Radio adding them to their Rock Revolution.

The band had songs featured on many compilations, with plenty of magazine coverage in – take a deep breath – Kerrang, Metal Hammer, BBC South, Logo, Drowned In Sound, Hit Sheet, Organ, Powerplay, and of course… Phonotonal.

Their single, ‘Skinny’, reached #1 in the MP3 gunge chart and remained there for several weeks.

They cemented their position with a busy touring schedule, playing alongside bands such as Halo, Brigade, Vendetta Red, Span, Thirst, and Tourniquet.

Bushbaby Discography

  • Medicine EP

    Bushbaby - Medicine EP

    Track listing:

    1. Fall Down
    2. Dreaming Day
    3. Medicine Man
    4. Coffee
    5. Candlestick Candle
  • Medicine LP

    Bushbaby - Medicine LP

    Track listing:

    1. Platform Nine
    2. Space Corps 2000
    3. Fall Down
    4. Heaven
    5. Coffee
    6. Medicine Man
    7. Dreaming Day
    8. Candlestick Candle
    9. Scotland Yard
    10. Monsters
    11. Loud As a Megaphone
  • Space Corps LP

    Bushbaby - Space Corps LP

    Track listing:

    1. Platform Nine
    2. Space Corps 2000
    3. Fall Down
    4. Heaven
    5. Coffee
    6. Medicine Man
    7. Dreaming Day
    8. Candlestick Candle
    9. Scotland Yard
    10. Monsters
    11. Loud As a Megaphone
  • Skinny

    Bushbaby - Skinny

    Track listing:

    1. Skinny
    2. Dreaming Day
  • Tinsel Town

    Bushbaby - Tinsel Town

    Track listing:

    1. Tinsel Town
    2. Skinny
    3. Fine Line (Acoustic)
  • Lipstick

    Bushbaby - Lipstick

    Track listing:

    1. Lipstick
    2. Lipstick (Music Video)

The band also released a string of demo recordings featuring new songs, such as ‘Scum’, ‘Ghost’, and ‘Buffy’. Several live recordings and live studio demo cuts are available on their new YouTube archive.

Watch Bushbaby – ‘Lipstick’.

Band Members

Bushbaby had a rock-solid lineup throughout their recording and touring journey.

  • Ben Mears (guitar and vocals)
  • Matt Sims (bass and backing vocals)
  • Kev Bonett (drums)
Ben Mears, Matt Sims, and Kev Bonett


Three significant acts contributed band members to the forge that produced Bushbaby. No Big Deal supplied drummer Kev Bonett, Mudheads Monkey gave us guitarist-turned-bassist Matt Sims, and Gethsemane Rose provided guitarist and singer Ben Mears.

No Big Deal

No Big Deal were a hard rock band from the UK’s south coast whose EP You’ve Been Robbed was released in 1992. Their lineup of Ade Lovegrove (guitar), Simon Clay (vocals), Chris Flood (bass), and Kev Bonett (drums) were described as a ‘tough gritty foursome’ and were frequently found playing the Hampshire rock circuit.

  • You’ve Been Robbed

    Track listing:

    1. Not yet known

Mudheads Monkey

Forming part of the rock/folk crossover space that had widespread success in the early nineties, Mudheads Monkey were a Bristol-based band featuring Paul Loader on lead vocals and bass, Matt Sims on guitar and vocals, CJ Starling on drums, and Fiona Hunt providing flute, piccolo, and vocals.

They released long player Shout! in 1995. They also featured on the Greenbelt Fringe ’95 compilation album.

  • Shout!

    Mudheads Monkey - Shout

    Track listing:

    1. Unconditional
    2. Shout!
    3. Hammer
    4. Summer of Tears
    5. Candles
    6. Ashes
    7. He Died for Me
    8. Good Luck Goodbye
    9. Children
    10. Johnnies Song
    11. Comin’ Back
    12. He is Lord
Mudheads Monkey

Gethsemane Rose

With a hard rock/metal crossover sound, Gethsemane Rose made a big impact that landed them main-stage festival appearances. Memorable riffs and creative bass guitar lines ensured songs that remain memorable to this day.

Band members: Andy Mears (guitar, vocals), Ben Mears (guitar, vocals), Matt Gutteridge (drums), Rob Addicott (bass), Steve Russell (drums), Matt Cooper (bass), Matt Sims (bass), Kev Bonett (drums).

Additional contributions: Paul Hodson (piano, Hammond), Brian Banister (harmonica).

  • Taste of Things to Come

    Track listing:

    1. Jimmy’s Luck
    2. Not So Bad
    3. Mr Scarecrow
  • Tatterened ‘n’ Torn

    Gethsemane Rose - Tatterened 'n' Torn

    Track listing:

    1. Spirit Kick
    2. What’s Wrong Baby
    3. Jimmy’s Luck
    4. Shady Dealings
    5. Mr Scarecrow
    6. Sad Lady
    7. This World
    8. Find The Time
  • Poetranium

    Gethsemane Rose - Poetranium

    Track listing:

    1. Sugar
    2. Proverbial Dogs
    3. Bad Poetranium
    4. Jealous Love
    5. Tears Of Tomorrow
    6. Goodnight Jezebel
    7. Dead To The World
    8. Ghost Town
    9. Your Blue Eyes
    10. Honourable Way
    11. Bitter And Twisted
    12. Shot Away
    13. Cross Eyed

The final line-up of Gethsemane Rose featured Andy Mears, Ben Mears, Matt Sims, and Kev Bonett, and this was the band that began to find a new direction that resulted in the formation of Bushbaby.

Matt Sims, Andy Mears, Kev Bonett, and Ben Mears