Having reached the heady highs of a support slot with Texas, Trent moved to Brighton to join the vibrant music scene that has close links with London… and they tell us the TV schedule is better too.

The move proved to be the right one fairly swiftly, with independent label, Backbeat Records, signing the band in no time at all. They have subsequently recorded an album, with a supporting single and EP, and gained radio coverage on both Juice and Southern FM.

With aspirations of extensive touring and naked groupies, the launch party at the Audio club, Brighton, served the dual purpose of promoting the record and celebrating their success so far with their fans.

Trent’s sound is instant, but distinct. Let’s get the influences out of the way first. There is a bit of early Blur in the bouncy tracks, something a little Levellersy about the rhythms in the less bouncy numbers, and a tiny bit of Travis in the acoustic songs. I want to make it abundantly clear that they don’t sound like Blur, The Levellers, or Travis, simply that there are hints towards these bands as an influence on the resulting indie-rock anthems.

The whole of the first set that Trent played contained memorable hooks and unforgettable melodies set against strong foundations of fantastic drumming, driving bass guitar, and stunning guitar parts that wound their way between subtle and ear-catching in a way that left space for the excellent voice of Peter Evans.

‘American God’ popped up a couple of songs into the set with the lyrics being echoed back as the crowd attempted to out-sing the band. This was a definite prickly-hair moment for band and audience alike.

I personally loved the disco-rock-pop-anthem of ‘Very Next Day’, but you’d have to subject me to lengthy torture before I would pick any one song as being better than another in this set as the quality was maintained at an insanely high level.

A brief break from the band didn’t do anything to dampen the buzz in the room and the second set, with its acoustic feel and beautiful Cello work, was an excellent reprise to the EP launch.

Trent have been working hard at their music for a long time and it shows in the polish of their delivery. If they don’t sell the 2,000 copies of the EP that they’ve had pressed, I’ll run naked through Brighton.

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