The Bullycats

The Bullycats
Bullycats EP

Hailing from Winchester, five-piece rock band The Bullycats have perfected a sound that takes you out of the dreary confines of Hampshire and transports you to a dusty bar in the Deep South.

As you relax and soak in the scene, the bartender slides you a whisky on the rocks in the form of ‘Delta Rhythm’. It slips down nicely, warming the cockles and delivering on its promising opening by unfolding into a toe-tapper with massive riffs and a groovy bass.

Just as you think you’ve got The Bullycats’ sound pinned down, they then go and rock it up with ‘7th Floor’ (a tune comparable to Bournemouth band Fevertree in the verses while staying true to that country/rock sound in the chorus). Then it’s time to don your cowboy hat and clear back the tables for a spot of line-dancing to a storm of twangy Alabama-style guitars and howling vocals all wrapped up in the form of ‘Praise the High Times’. 

Towards the end of the night, while staring at the bottom of the near empty whisky glass, you find the bluesy lament ‘Bottle of Misery’. This one sounds like the finished product, with catchy hooks like ‘Why does your company remind me of my sanity?’ and great backing vocals that sweetly complement rather than overwhelm the lead.

Then, just as suddenly as it begun, the night is over leaving you suitably drunk and sporting a big grin with a tinge of sadness.

The whole EP is delivered with stylish skill and keeps its initial ‘omph’ right to the end. The band’s confidence in the music they’re producing is indisputable but understated. It’s definitely worth checking these ‘Cats’ out; if not for the superb quality of music, then for the fascinating voice of the front man that’s as rough, yet honey-like as crunchy nut cornflakes.

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