Xavier Floyd Firebird

Xavier Floyd Firebird
Boss Man, You Scare Me

Having secured a decent independent record deal, played to sizeable crowds in the Southampton area, and basically got themselves noticed a fair bit; Xavier Floyd Firebird are set to release their debut single ‘Boss Man, You Scare Me’ on Valentine’s day.

The main track, a CNN inspired satire, initially kicks off with a total lack of bass guitar. However, this comes in a few moments later to drive the song along a pounding beat that gradually ups the volume throughout, what can only be described as, an indie anthem.

The main hook gets a few repetitions, but with a different treatment each time and with more and more angst ridden urgency.

The b-sides follow with ‘Risk the Road’, which has a chugging intro followed by a chorus with not-quite-clean guitars and a running bass line, and ‘I Wanna Thankyou For My Travelling’, a Jinder-esque acoustic number that chills out at the end of the single with emotive lyrics and laid back drums and bass.

If there isn’t such as thing as stadium-indie then XFF have come pretty close to creating it with some big songs that aim wide of rock without losing that ballsy rock attitude.

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