Mystery Song

With a new singer in the form of Laura Howe, Sungover are back with a fresh recording of their wide ranging fusion of sounds.

Electric string sounds open ‘Mystery Song’, but it’s the funky bass and smooth percussion of the verse that defines the track. The chorus is a Gala-esque affair with a hypnotic melody that’s sure to stick around long after the CD’s stopped spinning.

If the guitars were subtle in the previous track, they certainly steal the show for ‘Kicking Back’, which combines a Bernard Butler style jangly guitar part with muted keyboards to form something that hints towards a rather promising summer. The vocal sounds incredibly comfortable in this track, not only chucking out a convincing melody but also capturing the mood and emotion of the song.

Sungover like to mix up their styles, with a disco opener followed by a pop anthem. The common theme between the tracks is the soulful vocal and slick instrumentation. If ever there was a band ready to hit the charts, Sungover’s mix of brit-pop, indie, disco, soul and lounge has really covered all bases with it’s totally accessible groove.

Listen to it on the beaches this summer, or on the rooftops if you live as far away from the beaches as Sungover do… you’ll soon be giving in to their infectious songs.

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