The Trend

The Trend

As Glasgow basked in its warmest summer in many a year, the thought of spending an evening in a dark basement may have been insane to some. Thankfully some people didn’t agree with this as The Trend realised when they appeared onstage in an already warm arena.

Hailing from Troon, The Trend started their set with the sort of sixties blues sound that is common in the Glasgow area at the moment. Along with local acts such as Raising Kain or Dead Fly Buchowski, The Trend are mining a musical style that, although common and familiar to most, still remains on the edges of popular music.

For a band that looked relatively young there was an assured feel to their sound, with the drums coming across well. The guitar solos were kept to a minimum but were good in tone and clarity.

Playing on a bill with two other bands, it was a chance for the band to introduce themselves to a new audience and there appeared to be a general appreciation for the set amongst the small but eager crowd.

Halfway through the set ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ upped the tempo, as its chorus chased away to the end and gave a select few fans at the front their first big cheer of the evening. The rest of the set continued in a similar vein, with closing song ‘Caged’ coming across strongly and ending the set on a high.

For the band to develop further there may be a requirement to include a more varied selection of songs but the short set was lively and bodes well for the future of this young act.

Guest article from Andy R.

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