My Little Problem - All These Things

My Little Problem
All These Things

From ultra-lo-fi origins, My Little Problem has now evolved from the solo-bedroom antics of Simon Janes (stop it!) into an eight-piece full-band lineup.

‘All These Things’ is a shoe-gazer indie track with added banjo. Not exactly your usual lineup, granted, but not quite as alarming as it sounds either. There is definitely something odd about this track. I can hear a little something dodgy and it sounds very much like an off-note, which is really distracting – but the angelic oohs and aahs are a nice feature.

The solo b-side, ‘Lazy’, lurches into the slow canter of the country plains and remains firmly a how-de-do-de song throughout.

There isn’t much wrong with My Little Problem, but I do have to say that the vocal failed to do very much for me on this record. It didn’t convey the emotion or underpin the lyrics and Simon doesn’t have a particularly distinctive voice either – something of a toned-down George Harrison in The Beatles’ ‘Blue Jay Way’ with far too many vocal layers and not enough punch.

Maybe this record is stuck a bit between the early lo-fi tendencies and the more recent studio polish?

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