Blue and green record exploding into shards

Ten Days
Inside Out EP

As it’s the first thing we see before clicking open the CD case, the cover almost always gives an impression of what the band may sound like. And honestly, even though I don’t like to admit it, I do it all the time without even thinking.

For Ten Days, I make no exception – it looks as though this band could be like Tool. The cover is black with a moody glow floating around a symbol not far off something that could have been taken from an Escher painting. But on this occasion, I am so very wrong. They don’t sound like Tool, and they aren’t much like metal. So what do they sound like?

They describe themselves as ‘an eclectic mix of styles led by profound bass riffs and driving guitar’. But this doesn’t help us out as this could describe hundreds of bands on the live circuit. Why do we have to give them a sound? This question is better left for another day. There’s no answer to defining genres, and before I spiral into a rant, I’ll get back to Ten Days.

Before you begin to decide on who or what, they sound like it may be wise to skip past the first track, ‘Inside Out’. It doesn’t contain a true reflection of the band’s abilities, and although it comes first, this might have been a slight mistake. The best is yet to come.

‘EP1’ soon makes you forget ‘Inside Out’. This track gives the demo a new lease of life and soon makes us realise that Ten Days have begun to find their own sound. With the song showing signs of progress, it’s clear that Ten Days have put more effort into tightening the edges of a track they enjoy performing.

Is something wrong? I’m not sure. But I do know that Ten Days finish their demo with a song that feels more individual, as though they have defiantly found the band’s direction. It’s punchy yet continues to remain easy on the ear, and with the demo’s title changed to ‘Controlled Heavy Mellowness’, it could have given our first impressions something to think about. If only it had been on the demo cover.

Label attention may be hard to come by for Ten Days but with the band beginning to find their feet, it’s defiantly easier to make the first step. Let’s hope they stick to what they do best.

Guest article from Matt C.

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