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Second Monday
Imagery LP

In my other life (as frontman for Southampton band Freeslave) I had the pleasure of witnessing this lot play an opening slot at Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms before ourselves and Replenish back in December of last year. That night I was impressed that such a seemingly young band had produced such a technically proficient, but yet hooky and enjoyable sound. These thoughts are only borne out by this release.

At the time I saw them, I was unaware that Second Monday were signed to Lockjaw Records, but it’s not difficult to see why with this release. If ‘EMO’ wasn’t such a dirty word these days, I’d pitch them there, but this is definitely an album that defies easy pigeon-holing.

Beginning with the atmospherics of ‘Cue Speech’, which explodes into a controlled 6/8 strong enough to steamroller a house, it’s quickly apparent that we have something special here. ‘Mono Injection’ has a great shout-along chorus with a dizzying staccato rhythm, and is the first showcase of the intelligent use of keyboards throughout the album – one of the features which lifts Second Monday above their peers in this genre. Intriguing titles are everywhere on this record. My personal favourite has to be ‘Hi, I’m in a Coma’ which is full of twists and turns.

Second Monday make great use of dynamics, never staying at one level for long. Ambient passages are jettisoned by controlled commotion, which fall away just as quickly as each song takes you on a journey. This is by no means your radio-ready pop music, and it is all the better for it.

I could go on and on eulogising about every song on this record, but by now surely the picture is becoming obvious. This is a young band with talent and no little song writing nous. A punishing tour schedule indicates that we should be seeing and hearing much more from these boys in the future.

Occasionally giving slight nods to Hundred Reasons (particularly in the vocal department) this is one band you’ll kick yourself for missing out on, so don’t.

Guest article from Haydon S.

Listen to Second Monday – ‘Cue Speech’.

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