Club Le Shark

Club Le Shark
Hungry For The Blood EP

These chaps got into The Mag’s MP3 chart two months running with the opening track on the EP, ‘Happy Hour’. It’s not a re-make of the House Martins track either, much more of a rock ‘n’ roll meets punk with wiry guitar riffs.

‘Bad Girls’ is a more indicative track for this band – much more of a sordid cock-rocker with a chorus that’s equal parts cliche and pleasure (‘bad girls go to hell’ isn’t a line to win an originality award, but it’s right at home in this song).

You could size Club Le Shark up against anyone from the ‘rawk list’ – Aerosmith, AC/DC, you know the types! It’s a style that’s definitely living on in the unsigned circuit and Club Le Shark are a part of it. Not in a willing, revivalist ‘let’s do some classic rock’ kind of way, just in a ‘we want to have a party’ way.

The song with the most serious promise on this EP is ‘Rock n Roll Angels’, which features the best vocals on the record.

You can’t judge this band just on this record (although it’s alright) – there’s an attitude and a live performance that also factor really heavily in the overall package and, while they might not come across at their best on the plastic disk, they’re well worth a look.

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