Eaten By Tigers - Entropy

Eaten By Tigers

Eaten by Tigers supply a huge slab of melodic instrumental metal with their single ‘Entropy’ and I’m pleased to report that they’ve not only kept it interesting, they’ve kept it relatively short. I use the word ‘relatively’ because there seems to be a link between instrumental music and fifteen-minute sessions of torture.

The title track whirls up a hurricane of guitars, with fuzzy rhythm and scrubbed-clean lead guitars combining to great effect.

‘Nausea’ is anything but, with a relaxed twinkle of guitars and a subdued drum beat. Tremolo guitars float from ear to ear and the bass wanders around the fretboard on a gentle journey. It all heats up a bit for a chorus that smoulders but floats back into sweet territory before things get too disturbing.

The final track, ‘Memoirs of a Minotaur’, seems like a continuation of ‘Nausea’, but soon floats into stringed orchestration to add another element to the Eaten by Tigers sound.

Instrumental music is tough territory for any band. It’s so easy to repeat an idea to death or not even have an idea to repeat to death. Eaten by Tigers have plenty of ideas and the songs are just about the right length to showcase them without overplaying them.

Listen to Eaten By Tigers – ‘Entropy’.

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