Blue and green record exploding into shards


Beginning with the spasming ‘Accelerator’, a driving rock song built on some incessant drumming and a neat guitar line, this EP from the newly-full-time Ideamotion, a forerunner for their debut album, exhibits a band full of promise.

Brian Kelly’s vocals are poignant, swooning and formal, and when the band hit their stride, as on the chorus of the second track ‘Trains, Planes and Revelate’ they really hit paydirt, with hooky pop-rock twice as good as anything on the radio.

Throughout the EP, the rhythm section of Robert Hennebry and Jamey Desogus provide a strong backbone allowing the guitar work of The Major Thom Boland (that’s what it says on my press release) to shine. His style is inventive and percussive, giving a song such as ‘Dubh Linn’ a feel that elevates them above much pop/rock fare.

By now, the debut album The Fear, The Rush, The Fall will be out. I strongly suggest you search it out. A band to watch.

Guest article from Haydon S.

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