Obsessive Compulsive - The Corpses of Thought

Obsessive Compulsive
The Corpses of Thought EP

Opener, ‘God Shaped Hole’ kicks in with a great slab of a riff, hitting the minor notes and screaming of brooding anger in a more controlled Slipknot sort of way – and that’s before Kelii’s fallen angel vocals arrive all angsty. The drums double-kick their way through the verse and break, leaving the bass to rumble throughout, joining the guitar for the chorus.

Lyrically it does what it says on the tin, being a cry of desperation towards organised religion and the instrumental break (a touch of the Iron Maiden’s going on here) adds even more depth, giving the song all the hallmarks of something destined to get better every listen. And it does.

‘Dying, Dying, Dead’ picks up the blood and sweat-soaked baton where the opener left off with a brilliant stomping verse underpinned by some great drumming (which shines in its own little spot further on). Unfortunately, the chorus lets things down a bit, not a lot, but lyrically it’s a bit predictable in its delivery. But that is really the only gripe here.

Opening with melodically sinister guitar and bass work ‘Blood Everywhere’ chugs into life until lyrically, you realise it’s all about ending life. Kelii tells the story of a girl/boy on the edge and it works, especially being top-and-tailed with some decent instrumental work. ‘Playground Voodoo’ then ups the pace with a seriously decent chorus which is memorable for its lyrical hooks, proving Kelii is more are capable of writing these should the mood take her. And ‘In Memory of’ proves that point again, while also proving Obsessive Compulsive are consistently good at what they do.

Wrapping up with the rather good Metallica-inspired moody beast that is ‘Ennui’, Obsessive Compulsive have managed to produce a fine EP which, as their press release points out, will indeed appeal to metallers, goths and punk rockers alike (though I’m not sure about the last lot).

If you like your tuning dropped to D, were blown away by the likes of Die So Fluid or just need a much nastier and dirtier fix of Evanescence, then you should really check these guys out.

In fact, Myspace tells me they are after gigs in the South at the moment, so if you happen to be putting together a metal-edged bill and want a female-fronted band with some serious balls, I’d certainly advise getting Obsessive Compulsive on it, pronto.

Listen to Obsessive Compulsive – ‘God Shaped Hole’.

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