Blue and green record exploding into shards

Day Of Rising

It’s Sunday, I’ve fully recovered now from a bout of excessive vodka drinking, been into town to do some shopping and I’m back ready to face the world. Well, the virtual world. Determined to elevate my point total to somewhere near respectability, I put the next CD for review in the tray and see what I’ve got this time.

From Spain? Okay, should be interesting. With titles like ‘High Hopes And Empty Homes’ I wonder if I’ve picked up a Funeral For A Friend album by mistake, nope. Hmmm, not too bad, it’s quite jangly to begin with, but has certain heavier elements that give it a more textured feeling. Especially with the range of the vocals, it’s a nice contrast.

This record is well put together, and you can tell that they have a clear idea of what they want to do and how each of them has their own role to play. The bass rises and falls when the guitars die down, and the drums take over at just the right time.

Feeling vaguely optimistic, track 2 ‘Destroying Dialogues’ is very much in the Head Automatica style, again the contrast between the instruments and the vocals works really well, with some really nice lead riffs chucked in for good measure.

I would liken Day of Rising to one of those cans without labels you used to get in the supermarket. You get it cos it’s on special offer, with a dreaded feeling that it’s cat food, only to find out it’s your favourite type of soup.

It’s almost a shame that there are only three songs, ‘Press Your Eyes And Taste The Light’ sounds like Jimmy Eat World, and again is very well put together. It makes you listen to it, rather than being a part of the background. There seems to be always the offer of hope in their songs that everything will be alright.

On this offering, Day of Rising have something that is definitely worth a listen. This is coming from someone who finds Heavy Metal uplifting! Believe me, go see them. Viva Espana!

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