Blue and green record exploding into shards

Edd the Kid

‘I’m a cowboy and I don’t give a f**k’, is the headline to the biography, but don’t be fooled. Edd is living in London and has based his cowboy songwriting on a four-year stint on a farm in the west country. Don’t be expecting an Americana tribute here then!

In fact, what we have is a slightly different take on Edd’s grunge-influenced sound and one thing’s certain, he’s getting better at it.

‘Feeling of Achievement’ is actually a great song and even the unhinged solo works well, slotting amongst the distorted guitar and grizzly vocal.

Wrapping around this track is the political attack of ‘Tony Blair’ (to be fair, this record has been sat here for a while – so it’s not a case of kicking a man when he’s down but not quite out) and the slightly slower paced ‘Special Feelings’.

He’s not really trying to be a cowboy, at least I don’t think he is – otherwise he would have bought a hat. What Edd the Kid really wants to be is a representative for the downtrodden, the losers and maybe he’ll even let Tony attend his tea party seeing as his fortunes have changed so much.

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