Blue and green record exploding into shards

Frisbee in the Jewel Box
Modesty Disappears with Money (Live EP)

A bit of a funny one this. Six tracks are here presented by young Southampton band Frisbee in the Jewel Box, recorded live at the legendary Joiners back in December, in front of what sounds like a partisan audience.

Opening with ‘Beach Song’, which starts with a nice groove before exploding in a welter of noise, the band move through a multitude of styles in the short set. The songs are decent, but not immediately memorable, and Rob Holt’s vocals occasionally suffer from that curse of the live recording: tuning issues, especially when he goes a bit Chris Cornell in the grungier sections. The band seem tight, with an especially strong performance from Michael Breach on drums, shown to best effect in ‘Lascar’.

What is impressive about this is the willingness of Holt and his band to try to innovate rather than stick rigidly within a narrow stylistic framework. More bands should have the guts to do this. The songs presented here would benefit from the guiding hand of a seasoned producer, but there’s potential here and it will be interesting to see if it is realised.

One for fans only, this.

Guest article from Haydon S.

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