The Kabeedies - Ten Animals I Slam In A Net

The Kabeedies
Ten Animals I Slam In A Net

This is such an amazing demo. I’m blown away. The cheery pop-punk/indie beats combined with the boy/girl back-and-forth vocals can’t help but get trapped in your head and have you bopping along as they go. The four piece from Norwich have had a wave of success and if this demo is anything to go by, expect more waves to come.

‘Coaster Game’ is just an acoustic snippet leaving you wanting more, wishing the one minute ten would carry on just a little longer. The energy in both ‘King Canute’ and ‘Palindromes’ will have you singing along in no time.

This is definitely a band I would pay money to go see! ‘Palindromes’ runs in a round creating a playful tone – think ‘row row row your boat…’ – using a childish charm to win you over as they count to three.

Guest article from Pennie V.

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