TD Lind - Let's Get Lost LP. A scratchy grunge montage of pictures held together with red duct tape. TD Lind features in the pircutres, with an old house and car in others.

TD Lind
Let’s Get Lost LP

Where do you start with this record, or indeed this artist? TD Lind went a long way to make this record. Geographically speaking, we’re talking mostly about Kentucky, but also New Orleans and Los Angeles – and that’s without including his origins in London and a stint in Paris playing Jazz.

Essentially, you need to know this to fully appreciate the incredible European-American melt of sounds on the aptly titled ‘Let’s Get Lost’ album.

Stylistically, there’s a heavy American influence at work here – but in every single song, there’s something quintessentially British under the skin that adds a twist, a hidden depth, and ultimately, something familiar and loveable to the sound.

Whether it’s the Supertramp piano of ‘Radio Proposal’ or the Ringo Starr drums in ‘Falling’ (a great anthemic love song) or the all-round sixties vibe of ‘Her’, it’s an ever-present facet to this record.

Putting aside the trans-Atlantic nature of things, what is essentially true about ‘Let’s Get Lost’ is that you have to listen to the whole album to truly appreciate not just the quality of songs on offer but the diversity of TD Lind.

This is a really timeless listen and I fully expect a success story for an artist that can pop together such a strong track listing.

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