Twelve Days in June - The Flood

Twelve Days in June
The Flood

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With one eye on the rear-view mirror, Twelve Days in June are nostalgic for nineties alternative. ‘The Flood’ certainly captures the rich tone of the era from both sides of the Atlantic.

A drum fill lands us straight in a guitar-led sound that has elements of Bush and Stone Temple Pilots. The vocal aligns well with the sound, with a very slight hint of The Smiths thrown in, especially in the sparkly section around the halfway mark.

Structurally, there’s a verse, a chorus, and lots of other moments that you’d class as a solo or middle-eight, just used in places you wouldn’t expect. I like those surprises in this song.

Twelve Days in June might be harking back a few years, but with Pearl Jam releasing new material and new bands like Daisy Brain rediscovering the joys of grunge, it turns out they’re timely!

Listen to The Flood

Listen to Twelve Days in June – ‘The Flood’.

The Flood Lyrics

One day I woke up to see
That everyone was happy but me
Celia the therapist
Just told me I’m probably fine

So I asked why do I believe
When nothing to show for it

The darkness and rain will wash it away
The sidewalks have started to flood
Abandoned and desolate
I’m less afraid of it than before

So I asked why do I believe
With nothing to show for it

You never said that you didn’t love it
But I knew
No, you never said that you didn’t love it
But I knew, oh!

So I asked why do I believe
I’ve got nothing to show for it

She promised me
She promised me
I’d be alright
I’m fucking not
Fucking not

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