Buffseeds - Sparkle Me

Sparkle Me

The Buffseeds have their own brand of laid back indie music and ‘Sparkle Me’ is a good example.

After a quirky keyboard intro that sounds like something out of an 80’s US Kids TV series, the track transforms with a mid tempo drum beat and some picked guitars that sit firmly in the background behind the warm strings.

This band have got as far as they have based on the mew-esque high vocals of Kieran Scragg, which is a beautifully dry and brittle tone. This track is no exception, with all the hooks coming from the vocal melody.

‘Space Tourist’ is a similar song, with the vocal being the main focus, although the instrumentation in this track is worth listening to and actually does more for the song than in ‘Sparkle Me’.

These two tracks are a fair reflection of both the style and mood of their LP ‘The Picture Show’. The Buffseeds music does well when you want to hear something that is chilled out, but not acoustic. There is plenty going on lyrically and musically to keep you interested even though it isn’t exactly exiting.

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