Street Regal - Mary Jane

Street Regal
Mary Jane/If You Please

Street Regal have some heavy influences and they aren’t ashamed of showing them. This is the kind of rock music that brings to mind pictures of five guys confidently strutting about on stage in a big venue.

‘Mary Jane’ kicks off with some retro overdriven guitars and a pleasing rhythm. There are some nice guitar licks during the verse and the chorus is short and catchy.

Slightly more complex but similar in style ‘If You Please’ is the kind of track that you don’t notice the first time you play it. It does, however, grow on you faster than mildew on a damp wall.

‘This Life’ is a slow-paced rolling number while ‘She’s Got Soul’ is a great nod towards sixties power pop.

The overall effect is something like early Manic Street Preachers, with Joy Division and The Verve in there too. They have pretty much taken up from where Shed Seven left off, which is ok – but if they could add a little more of their own stamp on the sound they would really stand out. They are obviously talented musicians and song writers.

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