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My Cousin Kate
Square One

My Cousin Kate are a four piece rock band that have already impressed industry types with their ‘Strange Glue’ demo. They have even featured on an advert for Saltrock surf company. (Hey, they might even get an bonus for the mention here!)

The guitars in the first song, ‘All That I Have’, have that warm valve overdrive crunch and the rhythm pops up a Weezer reference even though the rest of the track tends towards the sound of early Feeder, with momentary twinges of Manic Street Preachers in the form of the guitar work, and Radiohead in the breaks.

‘Cold Light of Day’ follows with a more retro sound. Olly Price’s vocal shows a different side in this song with deep tones and variation in the volume of delivery. The lyrics are a bit more downbeat in nature on this track, but the song itself has some great moments, especially the chorus with it’s excellent backing vocals and Muse style lead vocal.

Title track, ‘Square One’, has a Thirst-esque intro and the hints are there throughout the track. The guitars are just right, risking a ‘Used for Glue’ comparison if any more stabbing rhythm had been applied, and in danger of being limp without at least some of that punch.

My Cousin Kate have produced an entirely respectable collection of three songs that are quite unique. It’s easy to understand why they are getting so much attention, although they will have to work hard to make a name for themselves in this genre.

This is definitely the kind of record that makes you want to hear what’s coming next.

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