When a band sets out with the intention of mixing metal, hardcore, and melodic pop music, it is only a matter of time before they come up against a barrier of musical snobbery. However, what Feverkill have produced with this demo isn’t necessarily the formulated pop-rock that they suggest.

The opening track, ‘Without You’, kicks off at the heavy end of the scale with a meaty chord progression that breaks into fast riff for the verse. A vocal line reminiscent of Brian Molko then leads up to the rather hooky melodic-rock chorus.

‘Clockworks’ is a bit of a disappointing radio-rock track that doesn’t live up to the all-out energy of the opener. They recover with the final song. ‘Call The Samaritans’ ought to be named ‘Call Childline’ if the age of the band members is anything to go by. However, there is nothing childish in the anthemic nature of this track, which starts with a chunky riff and verse that mixes Linkin Park with the Ministry.

The first and last track actually pair up rather nicely, with a commonality in the direction that creates a theme despite the obvious differences in the songs. The overall effect of the music doesn’t really have a huge amount of pop mixed in, but it does have a fair bit of influence from the kind of bands that are allowed to grace the BBC1 stage from time to time.

Not a bad effort at all, but it’s not unfair to expect that Feverkill will become more individual as they define their own sound over the next few years.

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