Fallen Sun

Fallen Sun
Demo EP

Fallen Sun are a Portsmouth based Indie Rock band who released their debut album ‘Defined in Destiny’ back in March 2004.

This five-track demo, taken from the album, makes a start with ‘Fate’, which has two distinct parts; namely a rocky intro and verse followed by an indie chorus. The drums are excellent throughout this song and the vocal is reminiscent of Stiltskin front man, Ray Wilson.

The second track, ‘Situation Change’, is a better track than the opener with a fantastic chorus and some more of that notable drumming at the end of the song. This is definitely the kind of tune that could get this band noticed, with a little hint of invention sitting alongside a very memorable hook line.

A slight downturn in the song-writing is evident in ‘Just a Destroyed Emotion’. The chorus melody struggles to separate itself sufficiently from the verse resulting in the song sounding pretty much the same throughout, despite the efforts of the guitar break that precedes the last chorus.

Despite it’s title, all thoughts of Nirvana are put aside for ‘Nevermind’, which starts off sounding more Keating than Cobain, with a nice little guitar part that remains firmly indie rock with no hint of Seattle grunge.

The final song, ‘Lullaby’, does exactly what it says on the tin, even going so far as to add a cello into the mix. Although it’s nothing like the other songs, this is a great showcase for the vocal and one which would sit quite comfortably at the tail of the album in the traditional emotional-closer slot.

Throughout the demo, the music is rather good, especially the drums and vocals, but the lyrics really let down a couple of the songs, with Des’ree style rhyming sneaking in at just the wrong moments.

In ‘Fate’ the rhyming couplet of ‘Heart, soul relieves the pain and I’ll take it all the way with you. Sunshine after rain. Believing the surreal is true.’ brings on a slight cringe and the ‘5am I wake up. Grab my things and make up. Turn on the TV screen, all the colours are in green’ of Nevermind sets my left eye twitching.

If these lyrics could get a tweak, it’s possible to imagine success is within reach as the music and songs have a certain appeal if only the words were less rhyme and more real.

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