With a classy brass section that really sets off each song, Chub’s demo has a sound reminiscent of The Bosstones with a couple of changes including some EMO moments in each chorus and a female lead vocal.

‘Generic’ opens the demo with a chugging chord progression that gets joined by the other instruments in a build up to the verse, with it’s up-stroke guitars and brass play-off. There is a change of pace for the chorus and for the bridge section before a return to the intro which contains the main hook in the brass section.

Things remain pretty familiar in the next two tracks, ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘The Worst Show’, which share sound, structure and style with the opener.

This is a difficult demo to review as, while individual moments of creativity and sparks of quality pop up regularly, there are equal elements of semi-disappointment. On the positive side there are great drum fills, wicked bass licks and a rather good staccato guitar solo thrown in for good measure. However, the lack of variation in the vocal melodies and the lack of interesting bits in-between the brass intro and the chorus of each song brings things down a bit.

If they could combine the intro of ‘I Don’t Care’, the chorus of ‘The Worst Show’, and the chord progression and verse of ‘Generic’ then they would have one incredibly stunning song. As things stand, the good bits are spread a bit too thinly.

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