Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost are back with a demo that is darker than ever. Delving below their hardcore-screamo roots, they have produced a twisted metal sound that fuses deep lyrics with aggressive guitars and punchy bass.

‘From My Grave to Your Doorstep’ explodes through the speakers with a vocal usually only found in black metal before sliding in to an angsty rock melody. The initial despairing lyric has a positive response in the final chorus before the anger returns at the end of the track.

Second track ‘Me, Eric Draven, and the Battle for Lost Days’ continues in a similar vein with a mix of vocals, plenty of rage, and, surprisingly, a rather catchy chorus. There are a couple of neat breaking points in this song where things are dragged back down to earth before being pumped back up to total pace and volume.

The third track on offer is a subdued acoustic song that has honest emotion in the melody and lyrics. This is a song that is far removed from the first two, but which retains a connection through the vocal.

Little Girl Lost have started to formulate their own sound by taking hardcore music to a heavier level with some metal influence and a lot of dark anger-tainted lyrics.

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