Debate Escape

Debate Escape
Jigsaws, Thoughts, and your Fingerprints

Debate Escape are a Worcester based band and, despite their diminutive years (sixteen to eighteen years old), they have managed to produce a record with an incredibly mature sound with innovative time signatures.

‘Jigsaws, Thoughts, and your Fingerprints’ opens with one of those twisted rhythms and immense tuned-down chords. There is a continuous play between vulnerable EMO melodies and hardcore screams, both of which are executed to perfection and combine to become a kind of post-hardcore sound.

As every A-side should be, ‘Jigsaws, Thoughts, and your Fingerprints’ is the best song on offer. However, the flip-sides are also deserving tracks, with both ‘New York Burns the Same’ and ‘The Cautious Killer’ maintaining a high standard. Consistently, we have well written songs, thoughtful melodies, and shredded second vocals. The first of these tracks has a brilliant contrast between the bass line and guitar parts, leaving loads of room for the vocal in the verse and to bring things up a few notches for the chorus. ‘The Cautious Killer’ has a melancholy feel to the lyrics, which really shine in the chorus.

The way the songs have been constructed make for a sound a lot like The Early November, with punchy tightness and plenty of attention to detail. However, with the angular tones from the shouting parts and the low down guitars, the dark tones of this single are awash with angry (and hugely enjoyable) emotions.

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