Demo EP

Starting with an instrumental intro, Nefarius introduce a crunchy guitar-led rock sound with a raw feel before allowing the vocal to feature in ‘Evil Love’.

The track starts off well with a great drum beat and guitar riff. However, while the riff is good, it’s over-played where the verse could kick in sooner with the faux-US rock-vocal style of Ben Nunn. The chorus isn’t a bad effort, having that little extra going on in the oomph department and with some neat drum fills.

‘Day In’ has a great stuttered intro that doesn’t find it’s match in the rest of the song, which ends up wallowing a little in it’s attempt to find a direction.

‘Broken’, is a break-up song that improves a hundred percent on the previous track by taking a good idea on the guitar and adding a verse and chorus equal to the intro. The solo flags a little due to the pace of the song, but the verse kicks back in soon enough to save the day.

‘Unprotected’ finishes off with another good offering that has a bit of rock and roll at it’s heart and some nice drumming.

With some interesting ideas at work Nefarious have got a spark of promise amongst these tunes. However, this promise is more likely to amount to something if Ben Nunn can fully master his vocal, which is at it’s best in the chorus of ‘Unprotected’.

To be fair, Nefarius have stated that this recording reflects a sound that they have left behind, so it’s unlikely that this EP will do them too much justice.

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