The Madisuns

The Madisuns

The Madisuns are an uber-tight power-trio that feature all the best bits of the breakthrough alternative bands of the moment with especially awesome vocals and gutsy guitars.

‘Also’ literally kicks off with a massive drum sound and distorted bass before the guitars jump in for the intro. The guitar continues to innovate while the bass and drums keep things together during the verse before things get cranked up for the chorus, which showcases their triple-pronged vocal attack. A decent break steps in with purpose, completely dissipating any need for a solo, followed by a final chorus leaving things trailing off to the end of the song.

A Mansun-esque ethereal guitar intro features between the more pacey chorus lines of ‘Clear’. The chorus once again pops the layered vocals into the forefront of the track making it more catchy than a Spanish trawler in British waters. That said, there isn’t quite as much going on in this track as there is in the first, but it’s the harder of the two to stop going round and round in the cranium when the music stops.

The list of bands that The Madisuns get compared to is, at times, a little restrictive and doesn’t actually give them credit for the huge job they’ve done in providing such a comprehensive hybrid of all things alternative from the past decade.

They will definitely mean different things to different people, but with almost everyone mentioning Muse and Placebo from a guitaring point of view it’s fair to say that there is plenty going on in this department. Add to this the three-part rock harmonies and some bass and drums that are nifty in their own right and you end up with some pretty hot material.

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