Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith
Songs of Innocence EP

Brighton based Leap of Faith and their horde of travelling fans have played several London shows, a handful of South Coast gigs, and plenty of appearances on their home patch.

‘Not Forever’ is a gritty rock track with a distinctly seventies feel. The vocals bark out the lyrics while the guitars repeat a simple riff, which the bass follows until it’s impressive run in the second half of the chorus.

Leap of Faith show their cat-loving side when they invite us to bring our pussy over in ‘Song of Innocence’, which is a strutting rocker with big riffs and lyrics you wouldn’t play to your mamma. Six-minute stormer, ‘Velvet Morning’, follows with another crunching riff that harks back to The Cult. The drums are as solid as a nuclear bunker and carefully avoid over complex fills and other such distractions.

‘Pop Machine’ has the restrained pace of an aroused chimp that’s worried about disturbing an old wrist injury. The guitar smoulders throughout and the bass heaves in the verse while slapping its way through the chorus.

Leap of Faith supply retro rock in epic proportions with edgy vocals, a great rhythm section and so many big solo’s the Doctors are making ready for carpal tunnel surgery. If you like cock-rock with loads of sex, lust, and break up then look no further than Leap of Faith.

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