Mobrown - Single Mother

Single Mother EP

Tapping into a steady supply of blues rock with riffy guitars, Mobrown have packed plenty of grit in to their Single Mother EP.

Kicking off with the title track, crunchy distorted guitars get Mobrown off to a start that swaggers like a cocky chap who knows something you don’t. If ‘Single Mother’ doesn’t conjure up memories of the Rolling Stones, it’s only because we’re all too young to know who they are.

‘Soul’ has a more subdued feel with a classy guitar intro that, should Mobrown ever make it, will probably become the bane of guitar shops everywhere. The chorus playfully skips between build up and dissipation and the vocal smoulders throughout.

Wah-ing in from funky town, ‘Train’ is yet another dimension with impressive bass and crying guitars. A Bill and Ted solo takes them up to the final chorus before the acoustic-led, ‘At Least I Tried’, brings things back down to end the record.

This EP is a job well done for Mobrown, containing plenty of diversity. I personally believe that they are at the best in the pace-setting rocky blues numbers, but it has to be said that ‘Soul’ could also headed for cult status.

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