The DIY Cravings

The DIY Cravings
Annie and Tommy

Raw distorted pop is the order of the day for The DIY Cravings’ latest release, ‘Annie and Tommy’, which plucks elements of classic 70’s Clash-esque punk out of the hat in the form of drooling vocals and overdriven guitars.

Mix this with some Britpop drumming and a bouncy bit of bass guitar and you get a track that could loosely be described as pop. After a couple of runs through the intro riff, verses and a chorus or two, the bass drum builds up with a spangly guitar riff, leading to a ‘Run Away’ chant that is reminiscent of a Piranha’s track (the album version rather than the football stadium version!).

‘Bolivia’ adds some syncopated guitars into the equation, confirming some of the previous references to the seventies while the chorus adds a shouty vocal, typical of the bands on the fringes of the Blur vs Oasis hair pulling incident.

The single ends with ‘Hang On’, which sounds like a Blondie song being sung by Damon Albarn after having pushed Debbie Harry off stage having had a few strong bevvies for ‘medicinal purposes’.

The DIY Cravings have moulded a sound firmly rooted in old-school punk from a time when the term punk was liberally applied to almost everything that used loud guitars.

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