Contagious Vibes

Contagious Vibes

Contagious Vibes have crafted a stylish soulful sound that transports you to a dimly lit smoky jazz club, where cool comes effortlessly. Of course, with a song entitled ‘Gangster Style’ and lyrics pertaining the drinking and gambling habits of a smooth criminal, the image they’re painting is clear.

The lyrics are clichéd and determined to rhyme, but you can’t help swaying along to lead singer Amy Sockett’s hunnied vocals.

‘I Gotta Tell You’ has a notably more mature and funky sound and gets the head bobbing immediately. The percussion is muted and non-invasive, leaving room for vocals to really come to the fore without being restrained by the need to rhyme. The guitars in this track are beautifully haunting, and reminiscent of a stripped-down Morcheeba, underpinned by effortless bass.

‘Mean to be Mean’ is the kind of song you can imagine Nina Simone belting out, and Sockett’s flawless, melodic vocals are somehow at odds with the subject matter. That said, the track is well crafted and very competently paced with the jazzy drums lifting the mood as the cymbals kick in mid-way through. Another polished track that I dare say would have more raw energy if performed live.

Written by Bennett on

Sarah B

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