Capital X - Turn Up The Silence EP

Capital X
Turn Up The Silence EP

Electric outfit, Capital X, have sent an enigmatic CD with no background information or biography. However with four handy passport-sized pictures on the back cover, we can tell you that this is either the combined effort of two young females who are pictured twice or the product of two sets of identical twins.

There are three tracks in total on this record, with ‘Science Fiction’ both opening and handily describing the style of music all in one go. The laser-beam keyboard sounds are accompanied by surreal phased vocals that could be coming from outer space. A slightly gothic-edged electro-pop effort with quirky Buggles sci-fi additions is definitely the order of the day.

While sounding vastly similar to the opener, ‘Search and Destroy’ lacks the melody in the vocal, opting for a morose robotic monotone with occasional talking sections. ‘Radio Play’ is a pacier number with better rhythm ideas supplied by the same pulsating bass noise and a very quiet drum-machine. The keyboard hooks that are absent throughout the record make an appearance at last in this track with an eerie between-vocal line.

Sadly, this record isn’t really hitting any of the right spots with its thin keyboard sound and lack of variation. From a style point of view, there are some good examples of electro-goth out there, but considering the need of more distinctive song writing and an improved mix, Capital X aren’t one of them yet.

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