Schoolyard Fashionistas

Schoolyard Fashionistas’ demo kicks off with possibly the catchiest track on the CD, ‘Eye for an Eye’. A Killers influence is apparent in this talented lyrical music with a rawness in the vocals that provides a healthy dollop of emotion. A powerful riff and the fascinating voice gives this track that special glimmer that makes it stand out from the rest of the demo.

‘Cliché’ has an almost hummable opening riff that seems to put the vocal slightly out of place, although the singer’s ability to hold on to a note should be recognised. Sparks of riffs similar to that of Sabbath compliment this tune, but ‘Cliché’ would benefit from a shorter length to keep your interest to the end.

A foot stomping riff opens ‘Recipe for Perfection’ – and it’s not long before your head is nodding along. Unfortunately the lyrics weren’t quite enough to grip me on this one but the punchy riffs kept me listening throughout.

A commanding guitar builds up ‘Smoking on a Sugarcane’ before being joined by drums to create an awe inspiring riff, proving how well the drums and guitar can work together. The vocals are so unusual on this track, almost mesmerising, as though the singer had been smoking something interesting prior to the song. A catchy chorus leaves the lyric ‘smoking on a sugarcane’ stuck in your head.

Being the shortest track on the demo, ‘Miami’ makes up for its lack of length with precision and flair. The vocals are laid back and partner well with the guitar to create a Hawaiian style and a summer rock tune to fit its name. The different angle of ‘Miami’ definitely proves how Schoolyard Fashionistas should be categorised wider than simply a rock band.

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Talena Rose Brayer

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