Rotating Leslie

Rotating Leslie
Nine Bar Blues / On Your Way

The latest offering from five-piece Hertfordshire-based band, Rotating Leslie had my toe tapping within a few seconds.

Opening with a disconcertingly fast-paced riff, the first thing to strike you about ‘Nine Bar Blues’ is the contrast between lead singer Greg Phizacklea’s gravely vocals and the surprisingly melodic guitars. The pace is quick without feeling hurried and instruments are used sparingly to free up interesting spaces in the music. Think Muse-esque intelligence mixed with gritty Razorlight edginess.

‘On Your Way’ is a rock ‘n’ roll classic that writhes its eel-like way through so many twists and turns it leaves you giddy. Opening with staccato marching drums and lazy melting guitars, you’re on the edge of your seat in expectation. Then the vocals ooze in, lulling you into a false sense of security as you recognise the seemingly familiar indie fare. However, just when you think you’ve sussed the next move, there comes an unexpected change of tempo to throw you off the scent of tempting comparisons.

Thoughtfully layered instrumentals in both tracks showcase Rotating Leslie’s talent and give the music room to breathe. Every beat is well crafted and considered – a remarkable feat for such an effortlessly stylish sound.

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Sarah B

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