Still Division
Still Division EP

New York City’s Still Division are a five piece rock band with a slick sound and a record sleeve that looks a bit like the room that Blur used for ‘Song 2’, complete with a dodgy old carpet and some stomp boxes.

Opening track, ‘Apology’, is a big rock track with angsty lyrics. Chunky guitar chords underpin the classic rock vocal, which gets the lyrics across in a convincing, melodic and smoky style. After this, ‘Undone’ gives us a rock-ballad with crunchy guitars and a plodding rhythm. The verse contains a deep vocal, which slides into the chorus, causing a goose-bump or two in the process. After the chilled start, things build steadily towards the end via a series of bigger and bigger chorus lines.

Final track, ‘Theory of Everything’, falls halfway between the previous songs with some of the subdued nature of ‘Undone’ and some of the pace and anger of ‘Apology’. The guitars whack out their best bits in this track, adding some depth that the other tunes lacked with a series of decent parts wandering away from the big chords.

Although Still Division describe themselves as hard rock, this record is more like The Calling with big rock-anthem style songs with guts and emotion going hand in hand with big drums and guitar sounds. If Still Division can build on this EP with plenty of gigging and another few big songs, there is no reason their ship won’t fly.

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