Blood Sundae

Blood Sundae
As the Cradle Falls / Soul Departed

Blood Sundae inform us that their name mirrors their music; dark and brooding elements with some tasty sweet bits. I’m not sure this is about to catch on at Ben and Jerry’s, but there is something to be said about the combination.

Blood Sundae are an all-lady melodic metal/goth rock band that are mixing equal parts of soft vocals and aggressive growling with swarming guitar licks and pounding bass and drums. ‘As The Cradle Falls’ is the first of two compositions on this demo, shifting from a guttural verse to an atmospheric and melodic chorus before making a brief sojourn into Type O Negative territory with an intriguing instrumental tangent.

‘Soul Departed’ strikes off with big guitars, which break into a chunky riff for the verse before transforming into a deep and muffled sound for the chorus. The vocal is melodic throughout, but the lyrics keep things firmly introverted in style.

Blood Sundae could be compared to Kittie, except both tracks on this demo are really good, whereas Kittie only averaged about a thirty percent success rate, musically. On this showing, Blood Sundae are certainly good enough to transcend the girl-group mould and will hopefully add back the respectability that cheap girl bands stole from women everywhere.

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