Live (Short Warning / This Black Static / Ninety Percent Nudist)

‘Twas a tranquil Sunday evening, with a crowd sober and calm, which was not ultimately surprising considering the standard of tonight’s music. Opening up were Ninety Percent Nudist, who played a collection of tracks from everyone’s favourite genre: The school/college band. Predictable ska-rock was the name of the game; a game they seemed ever so proud to be playing.

It would be harsh to slag off this band as, however patronising this may sound, they are only young and this is probably their first band. If I was in their position, I’d love to play the Joiners! I hope they move on to bigger and better things.

This Black Static arrived next with a swagger and chic popular in public houses nationwide. Their uncaring attitude was only matched by their inept songwriting and limited talent.They were, frankly, boring and quite annoying, sounding like a blend of Oasis and early Pearl Jam.

It was the singer that I found most irritating. In most cases, a decent singer must sound good and hold some charisma and presence; he had neither. The last track showed a bit more promise, but still nothing to drag them away from their pub-rock stylings.

The best of tonight’s bands came in the shape of out-of-town band Short Warning. They played pop-punk very, very well. Not usually my favourite genre, but a good band is a good band no matter how simple the music!

Having said that, their songs contained clever links and well-executed offbeat sections that enhanced them greatly. They also had the necessary humour and charm that this kind of band must have. They did nothing particularly new or exciting but they played pop-punk songs very well in a performance that was fun and full of energy. Crap name though, Midget Alert would be much better.

I only stayed for the first four songs of indie band StrongRoom’s set, for reasons that should be obvious to most people that have seen them. It was, once again, the singer that did it for me. I’m sure he’s a lovely fella, but I just felt the urge to slap him. He came across like a hyperactive, cockier David Gray. No thanks!

The songs were derivative, the sound was bland and the exit was calling. I answered with open arms.

Guest article from Dave J.

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