The Revolution Will Come

Wow! Review covered? No? Alright then. There’s no question why ‘The Revolution Will Come’ is the title track, the drum intro and powerful lyrics being just the start. With this tune Caplyn prove there’s life in the old theory of less is more with a simple but gripping intro that wouldn’t go amiss on REM’s ‘Automatic for the People’.

The lead vocals have that edgy Michael Stipe quality that could just melt with influential lyrics like ‘all they want is to be your equal not your slave’. A potentially toe-tapping song, ‘The Revolution Will Come’ is also raw with simple guitar and drums that compliment the vocals beautifully. This was definitely my definitive track of the album and highly recommended.

Despite uncanny resemblances, Caplyn shouldn’t be boxed as the next R.E.M as they unquestionably offer something else, their own style. After the powerful first track the rest of the record can seem a little weak, but with the second track, ‘Shadowesque’, they break away from their resemblances making themselves memorable. The record then takes an upbeat turn, in the form of ‘Give as Good as You Get’, which proves to be both catchy and chaotic.

Caplyn are definitely one of those hidden gems, with the great bass work just one of those elements showing how well rounded these guys are.

The future’s bright, the future’s Caplyn.

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Talena Rose Brayer

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