Tight Like Strings

Tight Like Strings
Count Down the Least of Your Days

The letter reads… ‘You guys reviewed my band Little Girl Lost‘ and I’m already sweating. Now those guys knew how to lay a curse on you. A few weeks after I reviewed their first record, one of my testicles dropped off and my cat ate it.

To be fair, they improved. A lot. And now, having split up, Will Gould has passed through the creation of his new band Tight Like Strings, the hint-of-summer-titled ‘Count Down the Least of Your Days’. I hope that’s nothing personal!

‘Topaz Grove’ is a venomously aggressive track with metal shredding and sub-blast drums keeping things emo’d up around the edges. The vocals make you thirsty and the guitars are fast and wiry. So far so good! In fact, the more I listen to this track, the more I like it. The group vs solo vocal section is excellent and there’s a really cool break in the middle, which is so good – I’m willing to overlook the swervy vocal effect.

It’s all the best elements (I’ve just described them, in case you forgot) that go into the making of the rest of the tracks – the vocal sparring, the insane anger, and the crashing drums. There are additions though, namely some less squealy guitars, the odd harmony, and some beeping noises that could may been omitted by a keyboard.

‘Count Down…’ is a record that’s metal enough to remain very much an alternative record, but it has also got the hooky bits and vocal interest to maybe appeal to the less-heavily minded music lover – so long as they’re in a bad mood. The lyrics certainly aren’t for the feint hearted though!

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